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S/V/C70 Noticed Oil dipstick pushed out . Smoking like a gun

Hello everybody. This is my first post. I purchased a Volvo about a year ago . Its the first time ive owned a Volvo. so im very pleased with the comfortable ride so far. Its a s70 2.4 non turbo Engine.Sedan

I noticed its developed an oil leak on the passanger side of the engine. its up high and drips down onto hoses etc.

I did a google search and found it may be a seal. cheap to buy and replace.

Although someone mentioned to take out dipstick and see if theres smoke coming out of hole while engine is warmed up and turned on. if There is smoke coming out of the hole from where the dipstick fits then the real reason your seal is leaking is because theres pressure forming in the pcv system pushing pressure into the seal and thats why its blown the seal

So i read on and they said its a pretty easy 5 to 6 hour job to replace the pcv system. i then looked at what is involved at there illistrations, and i was like this is not that easy at all.

Any advice would be so much appreciated.

So my questions are

1. can i keep driving the car like it is or will it get worse

2. could i pour some cleaner in it to clean it out .

3. can i just replace few hoses etc. or do i need the $450 kit and do the whole job.

Thankyou all for the great web site . ive enjoyed reading great things from here.

my location is melbourne Australia.


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