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240 1UZFE mounts

Hello.. I’m looking for info on mounts for 1UZFE and auto into 240....

found Luca in Netherlands!!!

anybody used these or anyone closer?? Cheers



  • hes the only one doing them. and its mounts sump and other stuff. Al at the skid factory did one years ago and said it was a shit idea as the stock sump is where the x member is, and the physical size of the engine means its all tight.

    a 1jz is easier. or an ls

  • Yeah Luca is the only one I've found, and I've been researching for a while just because I have a spare 1UZ and turbo lying around in my garage.

    Maybe one day I'll get to it, but I'm anticipating making a custom rear sump (the stock rear sump is more of a middle sump) and engine/gearbox mounts.

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