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Does anyone know of a cheap T5 engine?

As i have since sold my 240 and am looking at a T5 engine conversion for my 740


  • Define cheap? It's not a swap that you can really do on the cheap, especially if you need to pay other people to make stuff for you. Do you have a rough idea of budget that your prepared to spend on the swap?

  • I was hoping to spend under $1000 just for the engine and go from there.

    Backmans garage on youtube is doing this swap so I'm just going to follow him step by step, i got the 740 for free so if I can get the engine for under 1K it would be a good start.

    Only looking at that price as i sold a v70 with a T5 for $350 not long ago.

  • I guess it depends what you want to do ecu wise, as to which T5 engine would suit. Squaretop 850/early p80 are the easiest to get running with an aftermarket ecu, but are quite old at this point and any engine you find for that price will need a refresh/rebuild

    Looks like Blackman's garage is using a RN T5 (round top 99-05).

    You will need to change turbo/manifold on either of these engines for RWD.

    He also has a donor car for M90 and 6cyl whiteblock parts needed for the swap, reducing his project cost.

    If you're not prepared to spend 10k on this project then it would be better to modify a redblock

  • @Rmsv70

    If you don't mind waiting until I get back from USA (late april)

    I have 3 complete 2.4T motors still on subframes with all accessories etc

    Happy to do $1k for one of them

  • Ok, I'm in no rush. That would be great

  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    Hi @Rmsv70

    T5 swapping anything is a huge job, finding a motor is the easy part. You wont see much change from 10K if done properly considering we don't have M90s over here, and the only other gearbox worth using go for atleast 3K (CD009/A)

    Not for the feint hearted, a B6304 or even a B6284T swap is easier.

    Ive been building my swap for the past 6 years and I haven't finished it yet!

  • Aw30-40 Bolts in and is sub $500

    Shifts faster than a human can and don't need to worry about burning out a clutch...

  • Would you happen to have any Aw30-40 gearbox's

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