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[SOLD] 1977 245 2SL "van" $2500 Daylesford VIC

carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
edited February 23 in For sale

Decided I don't need another project car. This is a fairly unmolested 245 2SL "van" with the original rear load floor intact. 4-speed manual with B21F K-jet. Has been off the road for 10 years plus I'd say - and stored in my shed for a couple years. Some rust around the rear windows and windscreen...have not had a close look anywhere else. Can include for additional negotiated cost to the buyer an uncracked early dash and running 92 240 wagon as a parts car/engine/suspension/brakes donor (that was my original plan for this). I also have an M46 transmission available (also negotiable to the purchaser of this car). I also have a heap of other early 240 parts I will throw in such as trim and seats, instrument cluster etc. PM for more details. Note the car will have to be towed and the condition of the engine and driveline is unknown. Car looks better in the photos than it is (the paintwork is fairly rough and shows surface rust spots along the top most likely from previously being parked under a tree). I think this is a solid base for a full restoration or resto-mod. Also advertised on the iRoll FB page. Photos below are when I picked up the car a couple years ago.



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