S/V60 MY20 S60 – Burn marks in engine bay ?

I've have just noticed that some of the duco inside the engine bay of my S60 looks burnt. There are matching burn stains on the inside of the bonnet and the sill inside the engine bay. There're also stains on the adjacent torque stopper.

I'm going to ask the dealer but, given past troubles, , I'd appreciate any ideas from the Volvo owners community.



  • Being that light brown it looks like oil vapour. Does it smudge like oil? Only touch a tiny bit as to help backtrack the issue

  • Thanks, good thought. No , it seems to be baked on. I wiped with my finger and a tissue but no colour came off. It feels slightly rough to touch.

    I haven't looked under the bonnet for a few months. I'm fairly sure there was no stain back then. The car was serviced in September last. I've not noticed anything unusual. No smells, smoke or noises. Car runs as nicely as when new – but smoother.

    I've sent an email to the dealer who will hopefully know what to do.

  • Is that torque bushing busted. Looks like rubber crumbling. Rubber loves sticking. The centre of the mount has been really hot to discolour that way...

  • Yes, that could be it. I've not heard back from the dealer as yet. I have noticed the jagged rubber in there before – I put it down to a bit of leftover from forming the rubber. I'll have a closer look.

    Many thanks.

  • The jagged rubber visible in the torque stopper is extremely thin – it might be just left over from the forming process. No reply to my email from the dealer yet.

  • Dealer advised nothing seems amiss and car is safe to drive. They have sent a Tech Request to VCA.

  • I wonder whether it's just a bit of wax that they spray on vehicle during manufacturing that has heated up and discoloured. It used to happen to the odd new vehicle every now and then when I worked in (non-Volvo) dealerships.

  • Quite possible. It does feel slightly rough. AFAIK, the car has not been waxed or had other surface treatments. But, mechanics might have sprayed a cleaning solution or similar during a service. I'm happy to do nothing else till the dealer advises what VCA say.

  • Is it just incomplete topcoat paint coverage on the underside of panels?

  • Surely that wouldn't make it through quality assurance if it was....

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    Thanks but, I would have noticed before this. I do checks under the bonnet every time I wash the car. Before last Monday, I last washed the car in December.

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