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[sold][VIC] 1978 244 DL - green - auto -$1500

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Volvo 244 DL, 1978, Auto, 2.1L Fuel injected. Project that never happened. Complete and original. Cranks but wont turn over. In-line fuel pump dead and the in-tank pump is like likely also dead. Interior good. Some dents on panels. 242767kms on oddometer but odometer hasn't worked for years. Glen Waverley Melbourne. If you're interested I can get more photos to you. Thanks.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Love it, same as the '78 245 i had , is interior chocolate brown?


  • I have more photos on my google drive. Is it ok to put the link to it in this thread? I'm new to this forum.

    I had the DL on concrete slab, under tarp in back yard for 6 months while I was rearranging my shed.No water got into the car however today when I was taking the photos I noticed some mold on the headliner in the cabin. I probably should have just left it exposed to the elements without tarp. It's really depressing me. If I get some time I'll have ago at removing the mold. 

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Honestly im unsure about photo from gogle drive, maybe drag to desktop or dl and click on scene image down there .......↓

  • Text messages I have had about the car:

    It looks to have quite a bit of rust does it?

    The rust in engine bay wasn’t there until I put it under that stupid tarp in back yard for six months so I’m guessing it’s mostly surface rust except for battery tray which I knew about. The rust under some of the doors, some under window sills and in boot where spare wheel goes I knew about all of that. Today I found small crack in windscreen so looks like I’m pretty well stuffed trying to sell her. 

    The rust is what is turning me off. Where did the car come from? Was it near the ocean?

    Lady bought back in 78 as you can see from photos. She lived in Brighton. When she passed away her son got it he also in Brighton. We bought it off him forget when check the paperwork RWC date in photos. We lived in Highett for 5 years. After that we moved to Glen Waverley and the car sat in garage ever since. So yes I guess you could say Brighton and Highett being bayside are near the ocean. But honestly the rust in engine bay is recent and in my opinion superficial. Would you consider making me an offer?

    Would consider making you an offer upon closer inspection. I have a soft spot for the round headlight 244.

    Yeah I believe the round light 244s with that grill and flat bonnet are sought after in UK/Europe. I’m retired and can work around what time suits you.

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