[SOLD] B230 turbo and LH 2.4 kit - $900

dmcROLL DMC @dmc Melbourne
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This kit is a collection to convert an LH 2.2 to 2.4 and also some turbo parts for a conversion to turbo.

Included are:

  • Factory 740 turbo and manifold with bolts and bracket for mounting
  • 940 Turbo ECU
  • T cam from donor engine
  • Classic Swede stainless down pipe modified so it actually works - which they do not on arrival... (used for about an hour in the workshop)
  • 80 amp alternator
  • LH 2.4 intake manifold complete with idle speed controller
  • Air Mass meter
  • 740 air box modified to fit something, can be modified to fit in 240 engine bay
  • Stock LH 2.4 distributor
  • intercooler
  • Wiring harness for LH 2.4 labelled for easy install.
  • Crank angle sensor and bracket
  • Ignition module (recommended to use new heat transfer paste on it prior to install)
  • Coolant temp sensor for head
  • Can be boxed up and posted for postage plus $20 (it will take some creative packaging!).

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