240 Turn signal and hazard light chaos after jumping another car

Hey all, this is an odd one and its something i've never seen before.

So, I jumped a 2012 Honda Civic off no issue, but when I returned to my parking spot I noticed the left turn indicator arrow was dimly lit (kinda odd). When signaling left the signal did work, but when it flashed ,the left instrument cluster lamp would go off when it was on. Out of curiosity I flipped the hazard lights and noticed the same behavior, but with the addition of the hazards being out of sync. One side would be on and one would be off, and then they would swap, all while one instrument cluster lamp was flashing.

Does anyone know what to be looking for here? At the moment its cold and dark out so I took a break to get on this tomorrow. I'm mostly worried that I've damaged something. In addition to this I have not started the car since then and have been a bit worried to.



  • In addition to this, the tach pulsates a little when this happens, though it only goes up and down between the first tic mark.

  • Check the earth for the indicator, it is one of the black wires screwed to the inner guard just near the battery (you may have bumped it). While not spending a lot of time thinking about (busy at work finishing everything) it it would be my first check. It may be back feeding through the power line to find an earth.

    Next I would swap out the indicator relay (left side of the radio behind the plastic panel) though that is much less likely. Indicators are pretty simple on these things, cannot be much wrong with it.

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