XC90 Under Engine Metal Splash Guard

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Hi Everyone:

Any one come across a decent metal under engine splash guard? Online I can only see the Volvo plastic cover ones. Does any one know of any one who makes these?



  • You can get metal ones from volvo dealer for 7-$800

  • Forgot to mention this is for a 2013 XC 90 D5 .

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Well, you remind me i could use one on my V60 so quick gogle shows SKID PLATES.COM i find that very funny but im quite anal.....


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    IPD and maybe FCP Euro could have it too , where are you located?

    Sometimes a local metal fabrication shop or sheetmetal shop can cheaply make one up , its a gamble as they will either charge a LOT or do you a favour for a smaller amount. Suggest they could sell them on volvo forums!

    EG- A place in Brazil was doing exhausts for upgrades on Volvos at very good rates .

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    They are not an easy fabrication job to do well without one as a template. The OE product is a good fit and includes 3 x inlets for cooling. The link above doesnt so I'd be careful of aftermarket on P2. OE is formed from 5mm aluminum plate and takes a bashing.

    I also don't think they were listed for the D5 (suspect due to slight noise increase given the attenuation layer in the plastic guard). T5 plate will fit though.

    You might get lucky at the wreckers but there weren't many fitted otherwise I'd recommend a friendly dealer (shop around). It will include the Australia tax!

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @AshDVS do you do sump guards for the newer models?

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    So I have found the following ...

    It says that the OE plate will not work with the Diesel engines. Not sure what the issue is here. Anyone can comment on this? there seems to be no bushings on the kit so not sure what that would do to the vibrations through out the car ...

    I will call the dealer tomorrow see if I can get one. Ill report on costs and see if its worth it... IPDUSA told me to contact someone to make me one. They do make one for the XC70 not the XC90.

    Hunt goes on...

  • For those of you who care. The Skid Plate made by Volvo can be ordered from Sweden! Its around $600 bucks. 4mm Aluminum with all the vents and air traps. The kit comes with the bolts to fix it in place but no rubber bushings of any kind which sounds a bit weird for an engine that likes to shake.

    My only other option is to go to a fabricator and see if they can make one, but I think I will be paying similar kind of money and then I have to come up with a template for them or pay for them to research one. Not sure if that is going to work.

    Any advice on where I should put my money? I am leaning towards the Volvo option.

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