240 89 240 engine does random "twitch". Could it be the knock sensor?

Hey all, me again. As many of you have seen I have been having all sorts of fun with my 245..

Today I put in a new fuel sock, CPS, and checked for vac leaks, but did some reading and thought maybe I should replace the knock sensor.

The engine in my car does what I explain as a "twitch" to it, as in it idles smooth but suddenly does a small jerk/twitch kinda at random. Now I have had bad engine mounts for a decent while (replaced a few months ago), and at one point my intake manifold gasket was replaced due to engine twitch, so I have no idea how long this particular twitch has been going on. Looking at youtube videos I see other cars that don't seem to have this..

Anyways, this may be a dumb question but I would like to give this car everything it needs so I can drive it without anxiety.


  • Isolate the problem, rectify it once the cause is found. Don't buy spare parts that you don't know are the issue

  • Fair fair. I believe the original breakdown was from the fuel pump having a piece of plastic in it, but the car was running funky beforehand. I just kept telling myself its an old volvo with a tractor engine so it's supposed to be funky and quirky.

    At this point most things have been replaced with Bosch parts, so it's just time to finish up the few remaining things I guess. I do drive the car between parts installs though.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I reckon the three ive had did it.

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