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850 850 R wagon / code reading thread

radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater WA
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okay guys i need guidance ......

So I had a 3" turbo back exhaust fitted a few months ago and now I'm flummoxed ! I have a front 02 sensor but no back one . I do not have a cat fitted and am booked in to have a cat fitted on Tuesday. Not not having the rear sensor atm I just thought I'd have a look after work today for the rear connection . Here is what I have .....

As you can hopefully see the red connection for the front 02 but absolutely nothing there for the rear . Now looking at pictures and watching a video the rear should be right along side the front one . I know the exhaust guy deleted the rear from the exhaust but where would the connection be in the engine bay ?

I'm pretty flummoxed right now .....



  • Or am I imagining i had a rear one 🤫

  • No rear one in mine. For the better anyways.

  • I am not 100% sure bit i remember reading 850s dont have a rear one ( I remember James T5r telling me they only have

    the front 1) but if it did and wasn't plugged in it would be throwing fault codes and the green and orange lamba light would be on.

  • Yep mines on .

    What I'm confused with as to why / where has the connection has gone in the engine bay . Im going to cancel the cat on Tuesday as no point at the moment as no connection for the sensor...

  • As for the connection I can't answer where its gone. Also the Lambda light comes on for other things too mine is on because I have a bad connection on my intake air temp sensor (rubber in the plug disintegrated & pins loose) i am not sure where to buy the original /new plugs from.

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    Yep 850's don't have a rear one also European v70rs also only have a front one where they have 2 here and the States or the European AWD have 2 as well but fwd only have 1,I can't remember exactly , i know my old v70r fwd only had 1,I'm guessing it was something to do with emissions laws back in the day,

    @rado get the codes read, download free Vol Fcr and an obd2 lead should see you right

  • Okay mate 👍

    Still after near 3 years of ownership these turbo cars do me head in but love em at the same time 😄

  • Just been having a quick google search , before I jump on the laptop this arvo tobuy one .Should I buy a obd2 to usb cable ? Or the other type plug ?

    Will down load the Vol fcr as well

  • Yes there are ones that work better than others, google some of the site that have been using them im at work and can't check mine

  • Alright will do Jimbo , I can always hold off and buy it tomorrow 👍

  • hhhmmm maybe i need an idiots guide to downloading this , just sat in front of laptop and downloaded something from vol fcr called , Driver Support One , is this right ?

  • No idea mate I got it pre loaded on a laptop 😂

  • who done it for ya

  • Its coming up with This then a login email and password

  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater WA
    edited November 2020

    I bought this .......

    ........ the first month I had the car from IPD , watched the video on the site so I bought it and yep doesn't work on my car 😄

    Bugger it , beer time

  • Out of interest I just plugged it in and wow its working now , I wonder if the different ecu has anything to do with it as its never worked since I've had it

    Anyhow had a play ( literally not knowing what I'm pressing ) and found volvo on it and cleared some codes and the light has gone out

    And found this screen

    And pending codes

    On to something here lol

    Need an idiots guide to these kinda stuff 😮

  • thought I'd change the title of the thread 👍

  • So after reading around 3 hours worth of threads regarding the P1618 code I'm lead to believe it could be the PNP switch . Although I'm not getting any limp mode nor flashing orange arrow . This ....

    ....... light Is back on and came straight on as soon as the car roll off the drive , same code P1618 .

    Any thoughts guru's ?

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