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S/V60 Wife's 2015 Polestar Engineered S60

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Hi All,

Been lurking for a while, but recent lockdown in Melbourne gave me an opportunity to tinker with the wife's car. Much to her annoyance 😅. Will keep a diary of mods and maintenance if anyone's interested.

So here it is.

2015 Polestar Engineered S60 (Not sure what built number)

Custom splitter, skirts and rear diffuser

GFB DV+ T9358 Diverter Valve

TDI Tuning Box



  • If you give me the last 4 of the VIN then Ì can tell you what number it is.


  • That would be brilliant, thank you. The last four digit is 0559.

    Earlier polestar version and US market ones seems to gets the build number engraved on the steering wheel.

  • I have a list of all the Polestar VIN's in Australia. I have it at work so will probably be tomorrow before I can check.

  • Nice S60!

    @VolvoMike does that include C30's?

  • Australia never got any C30 Polestars. I have all the MY14's - 18's and trying to sort through the 11's to 13's by eliminating non Polestar ones.

  • Yeah it's kinda a grey area, according to volvo my C30 is a polestar but it just has the polestar tune from the factory so not polestar in the same way as S60/V60

    All I really wanted to know is how many C30s in my config were sold in Aus

    Ramsss I apologize for hijacking your thread

  • A few weeks ago, swapped the standard crv end with gfb dv+. With slightly stiffer spring and no rubber diaphragm that can split/leak hopefully we can hold boost more consistently.

    Installation was tricky despite my small hands. Just not enough space. Havent driven the car, so can’t tell if there is improvement. The oem solenoid looks flimsy tbh, I wonder if I should’ve gone with elevate eCRV instead.



  • About to be fitted to my Polestar..... along with many other items.

  • Would love to follow the process and outcome of that install. Being done with a Hilton tune?

  • Yeah. More photos and stuff on Volv of Adelaide Facebook page.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I thought the elevate valves are gfb anyway iirc.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    GFB are Aussie too iirc , buy direct....

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    Noticed oil leaking somewhere at the rear of the engine. Suspect #1 is the turbo oil inlet pipe. I’ve tighten the banjo bolts, but the copper washers/gaskets may need replacing again. With melbourne lockdown, it’ll take a while before I can tell if it’s still leaking.

    Replaced the oil separator/pcv a few days ago as preventative before it clogs. It’s pretty clean inside, no sign of sludge. Perhaps I did it too early?

    Original plan was to do downpipe, do88 fmic, snabb intake, elevate manifold and hilton tune. But TDI was offering 20% off last month, and I couldnt resist. Installing the TDI box and loom was a breeze. Haven’t driven the car yet to let the ecu to adapt and report back on initial impression.

    I’ll be following closely. Perhaps a road trip to adelaide is in order once travel opens up again. Would love to see the dyno sheets.

  • Your car is the 35th out of 96 sedans for 2015. I currently have spare a Do88 radiator, intercooler, Ferrita 3.5" downpipe and Elevate intake manifold in stock.

    Common for them to leak oil from the banjo bolt and washers. I regularly replace the copper washers but the banjo bolt requires very little effort to remove so probably not tight enough from the factory.



  • What does everyone use for Engine Oil for their 3L T6? I know Volvo manual says 0W-30 A5/B5, with Castrol Professional recommended.

    The closest retail offering I can find is Penrite HPR0 0W-30 A5/B5. Will the high zinc content be an issue?

    There's also 5W-30 Castrol Edge A3/B4 that is on sale very frequently. Will the higher viscosity when cold be an issue in Australia?The high rev cold start procedure on these cars makes me worried with running thicker oil.

    The other alternative is 0W-40 Castrol Edge A3/B4. Given our general climate in Australia and the fact that we're heading for warmer weather now, perhaps higher viscosity when hot will help? I've read people claiming oil report that shows the oil thinning with fuel quite significantly after 7,000 miles.


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    My v60t6 loved Penrite 10 Tenths , much quieter and used less oil. (198,000 Klm )

  • A5/B5 spec is a high performance oil with longevity. An A1/B1 spec is high performance but an A3/B3/B4 oil is neither. Viscosity differences of 0w/30 or 5w/30 are irrelevant with Australian temperatures but more importantly, the correct specification must be used. I use Fuchs oil but it only comes in a 44 gallon drum. Liqui moly or Ravenol might be available in the right spec.

  • xmas arriving early.

    Catted downpipe fron IPD. Decided against Ferrita or kt4 in the hope that sound will be more subdued for school runs. 😅

  • Nice, I've ordered one from 8Eight Fab for my C30 - still a few weeks away

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