NSW LSA Volvo 240 Wagon 23000 or sell as roller

987 Volvo 240 Wagon

Fresh built 6.0 engine with Camtech cam package, double row springs, timing chain, ported oil pump, ARP bolts, ACL race series bearings, LSA supercharger, Cadillac CTS-V top hat. Made 520hp at the wheels with only 12 degrees of timing.

Custom headers with dual 3” exhaust, high flow cats and varex muffler

4” inlet, custom airbox and card type maf

1000hp tailshaft

6l80e gearbox with only 25k on it.

All new cooling system

Fuel system with under car surge tank with twin Walbro pumps, ½ inch fuel lines, Proflow regulator, Aeroflow fuel rails

330mm front brake conversion with ford pattern

17” territory chaser wheels with Pirelli tyres

Narrowed Explorer diff with 3.7 gears

Rare black interior

The rest of the car is in average condition with some clear coat flaking and a few dents, interior is tidy but a bit tired.

I built this as a bit of fun, but im too busy with work and have other silly projects that require my attention. There are a few things that still need doing, like handbrake cable.

Lots of rego

Can sell as a roller so you can transplant everything into your car and use your LS engine and box. 8K as a roller.



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