XC70 Transmission flush - Revisiting

alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD
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I have watched quite a few YouTubes on how to flush the ATF.

1: The most common method suggests draining the pan and refilling with same quantity, then draining the remainder by attaching a temporary hose to the fitting at the cooler and cycling through 2 quarts at a time.

2: A local Volvo mechanic suggested forgoing the pan drain and just attach a tube to the fitting at the cooler and cycling through drain/replace until fluid is clean and clear.

BTW, while I was at Pick and Payless, I removed the hose that goes in/out of the cooler and am thinking I could easily remove the hose on my car, attach this "spare" hose (with some clear tubing) to do #2. This would alleviate the need to get under the car, remove the skid pan, and drain the sump.

What do you think?

Also, is there anywhere in Sydney where I could buy 12 quarts of the correct ATF (3309) or should I be ordering from Amazon?



  • Whilst removing the pan, you are given the oppurtunity to clean its inside surface, replace the filter and pan gasket. This will become a more thorough job, then next time you can just drain and refill

  • Penrite atf fs

    Should be under $50 per 4L

    Takes 16L to flush

    Start engine

    2L Out

    Stop engine

    2L In

    Rinse and repeat and check the fluid level after flush completed and add as needed

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD

    I never considered actually removing the pan, only unscrewing the drain plug. I wasn't aware that there is a pan on the AW55. I should look more closely.

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD
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    Look what I made today. (Hose is from a spare parts car)

    When I am running the engine, and collecting the 2 litres of dirty fluid, should I be working through the gears? And more specifically, should I put it in Geartronic mode and go through 1-2-3-4-5?

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD
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    So far, I have drained the sump and replaced with fresh Penrite FS ATF. Will give it a week or so to settle and then drain 2 litres from the cooler hose. Every other week I will continue to replace 2 litres at a time until I've gone through 16 litres.

    I was also at Penrith Volvo today and they did a software update. That seemed to help as well. Shifting seems smoother up and down. No noticeable clunks going from P<>R<>N<>D.

  • is there a charge for the update?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The idea is to change it all at once, 16 litres , 2 at a time or till it comes out clean, doing it week about just muddies ALL the fluid together.

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Varsity Lakes, QLD

    You're probably correct and I did it wrong. Next time, I'll do it all at once. But can you explain this: at the end of my street there is a sharp sweeping right hand turn. When I take it, I have to be careful of my speed, otherwise I get a shift flare as it tries to get into second gear (having come to the turn in 3rd). But 100 metres later, there is a similar left hand curve and I have no problems. Feels like gravity (or centrifugal force) sends the fluid to the left causing the flare. Any ideas?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Im no expert , im assuming fluid levels are correct and considering you had the TCU reset and updated. Its a question for one of the techs on here.

    Im lucky as at 150,000K i did flush etc on my auto and an expert tech said box is fine , he had an Audi on hoist , same auto internals and it was toast.

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