940 & 960 My floral 940GL thrashbrick

Picked up my first volvo a few months ago to replace my old $200 da9 integra, a '92 940GL in white, partly because of the need for four doors, and partly due to being psyched up by Drifts & Lifts on youtube. It's bone stock, 250k k's, runs pretty great, only things that need fixing are a dodgy speedo, and it's way too heavy so I've been putting it on an extreme diet, pulling everything unneccessary off. Anyone need A/C components?

The grey interior was boring me a bit, so decided to spruce the place up a bit with some floral upholstery. Going to do the front seats in rose velvet, haven't gotten around to it yet. Plan is to keep weight down, maybe add some skirts to get the aerodynamics a bit more slippery, maybe even hide the rear wheel, possible big ol wang on the back, and cruise until the engine dies (maybe a little drifting now & then), then who knows. Possibly electric swap, always wanted to do that.



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