S/V/C70 1998 v/s70 flow direction of transmission fluid

Just wondering if anyone can confirm the proper flow direction of the trans fluid as it goes through the radiator cooler?

I have read conflicting anecdotes. I assume it goes transmission - > top radiator - > bottom radiator - > transmission.


  • Yes because of gravity, it's easier for liquid to go downhill rather than up

  • Thanks that's what I thought was logical but given its pressurised I thought it could be either.

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    See the 850R cooler thread, same as that.

  • When I did a flush on my V70 XC, swedespeed forum said connect to the top hose and that was what I did , worked fine.

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Sydney, Australia

    Many of the YouTube videos I've watched seem to indicate that it is transmission>bottom radiator>top radiator>transmission.

    I think this is true for later models but not sure of the date they changed over.

    Anyone know for sure?

    Speaking of flushing, is it necessary to drain the sump and refill with same amount first before connecting a hose to the radiator and pushing out 2 litres at a time? Or can I just connect a clear hose to the top fitting, drain 2 litres, replace 2 litres and keep going till its nice and clean?

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