WTB Volvo 240 (244/245) [MELB]

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As the title says, I'm wanting to buy a Volvo 240. Due to the pandemic limitations, I'll have to confine my search to within Victoria, and won't be able to finalise anything until Stage 4 restrictions are lifted, so I'm really just putting the feelers out currently.

I am looking for something that is generally tidy overall, is good mechanically, and will need little to no work to pass a Victorian RWC. I intend to use it as a backup daily so something easy to maintain and get parts for is ideal.

I am open minded when it comes to the colour, body shape and transmisson of the car, let me know what you have either by reply here or PM


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    BUMP - Surely someone may know of some suitable vehicles for sale?

    Furthermore, I've now decided that I would like either a Sedan, or Wagon, in at least GL Spec, would consider a DL if it was really nice.

    Leaning toward a LH 2.2/2.4 B230F/FX with AW70/1, but still would consider a B230E with K jet if it was running very well, and would be more inclined to go with a M46 in that case.

    And a car as close to stock standard would be ideal, I'd like to experience a 240 as Volvo intended, for a short while at least.

    Also, a tidy example is preferred, as I'd probably get involved with the Volvo club at some point.

  • Call Mark at Berry Motor Group.

  • iceton1975BUTCH @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    I have a couple on the go now

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