140 140 bumpers, are they universal from old to new and vice versa

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I have a 74 red 144 sedan and i simply detest the big bumpers. Can anyone advise me if it's possible to fit the earlier bumpers to my 74 model?



  • I think you can remove the big bumpers and supports and fit the samll bumpers and supports from a 68-73. I am not certain if it will bolt straight on but at least some of the mounting holes are in the correct place IIRC

  • When I had a 144 I modified the mounts to bring the bumpers closer to the car. Not as crash resilient, not as 'distinctive' an appearance.

    May have some photos somewhere, it took a few drill holes and a grinder to take 10mm of metal out of one corner. Was not a big deal.

    I recall the brake hose bracket was there too.

  • Yes, it can be done.

    No, it's not a straightforward job.

    If your 74 has had a change of front nosecone at some point to the earlier type, it will have the bigger holes for the Y-shaped bumper bar brackets. If so you can fit the Y-shaped bumper bar brackets in place of the strut-type fixtures easily.

    OTOH 74 model nosecones have 2 square holes for the bumper struts to mount to the front bumper to the chassis rails. The old style Y-shaped brackets won't fit without chopping up the nosecone, and we don't want to do that. So it's necessary to cut the flanges on the front of the strut, where the commando bumpers mount to them, so they'll fit behind a pre-74 slim-line bumper. You'll probably need to fabricate a mounting plate too so that the bolts on the slim-line bumper can attach to the bumper strut flanges.

    At the rear, the pre-73 slim-line bumpers used to attach to the very rear of the rear chassis rails on the lower beaver panel, via an angled bracket. But for starters, 1974 140s have no rear beaver panel.....

    So to fit slim-line rear bumpers, again it will require cutting down the mounting flanges from the bumper struts, and fitting / fabricating a suitable mounting bracket to join the flange and the bumper.

    Fitting slim-line bumpers is one of the (many!) jobs I still have to do for my 1974 142 project. I think I have all the parts here, if not, I have them on the mainland. If you want pics of the bits, please ask.

  • Thanks mate that's really helpful. now i just need to source the early bumpers. Send me pics of the bits if you wouldnt mind, do you have any spares available yourself?

  • @Roo1988 sorry, I don't have spares - it was difficult to round up the ones I have!

    I will get the photos for you tomorrow.

  • The 2 pics below are of the pre-74 rear bumper brackets. They are the same for pre-74 140s and 164; the rubber cushions changed in 1972 or 73, but the alloy bumper itself and the mounting brackets are the same.

    Note how long the body mounting bracket's attachment points are to the bumper itself - you'll see below how the 74-on rear bumper mounting flange is quite small by comparison.

    Below is the pre-74 front bumper attachment holes; note red circles.

    The below pic shows a pre-74 front bumper with 164 type Y-brackets on it.

    Although the front bumpers themselves are the same for 140 and 164 (164s are drilled for indicator / parking lights) note that the mounting brackets are very different. A 140 type Y-bracket is somewhat longer.

    Front (laying down) and rear (standing) mounting struts for the 74+ 140/164 and 240s with Commando bumpers.

    (The fronts actually are 240 type, as it appears the ones from my 142 are in a box awaiting transport from the mainland, but the flange at the front where the bumper itself mounts is the same, IIRC).

    A better view of 240 the front units.

    The front and rear flanges will need a bit of cutting and/or creative thinking plus custom brackets in order to fit slimline bumpers to them. As you can see in the pic below, the Commando mounting flange for the front bumper is just the wrong shape to fit them otherwise.

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