240 Best fuel to use

G'day all, i've got a 88 245 with around 300k KMs with the good old B230F and i was wondering what is the best fuel type to use for my little old nugget, i've been using 98 in it lately but i just want to make sure i'm putting the right stuff in it for it's age and usage



  • I dont use anything else than 98 ,I have seen the results of using 10% ethanol .

  • 91 regular unleaded non ethanol

    Any higher and you're wasting your money

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    Ethanol gets blamed for everything, when it is only occasionally the problem.

    As the what is the correct fuel... there is no hard and fast answer, despite what anyone says.

    Your car is designed to run happily on 91, IIRC. But it is now 32 years old and that brings a bunch of variables into the equation that NOBODY can reasonably predict.

    Here’s what I do with a new-to-me car: Keep running whatever the previous owner was using. Keep track of the economy, and how well it runs. Do this for a number of tanks until you are comfortable that I know the car and how it behaves in various situations.

    Then swap to the next step better (or next step worse) fuel and repeat. Don’t worry about the first tank or two while the ECU learns the new fuel. But I start paying attention to the third and subsequent tanks.

    This will give me a clear idea of whether you are heading in the right direction or not. Repeat until you are satisfied.

    For example:

    My old S40 T4 would run happily enough on 91, but 95 improved the fuel economy significantly - it was actually cheaper to run on 95 because it used so much less AND performance was noticeably better.

    On 98, it got the same economy as 95, but ran better again - in particular, it would come onto boost far more easily.

    So in that car, the choice was 95 vs 98 depending on how broke I was...

    Alternatively, the old Falcon ute ran the same and got the same fuel economy regardless of what we put into it, so it was fed a diet of E10.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    As Spac said.

    In reality , it doesnt cost that much more per tank for a better quality fuel ,.

    The rubbish 91 you get from most places with shitty underground storage isnt worth it.

    Buying whatever fuel you choose from a reputable place is most important too especially if a diesel vehicle.

    Having said that ive had a shit tank of 98 from a very busy BP years ago in my 855R that gave an instant reduction in power and luckily didnt do damage so be careful.

  • Gday Kahvi

    I had a friend who was an auditor. he loved investigating details so he did tests on everything. he always put the best fuel into his cars - 98 etc even before unleaded came along he got the best - and he kept his cars for decades and never had an injector problem but he saw vehicles stripped that ran on whatever was good enough and the clagged up injectors spoke volumes. he told me that cheap fuel had parafin wax etc etc in it and other cheap products and that stuffs a set of injectors in no time.

    Also, DO NOT BUY FUEL AFTER the truck has delivered its load to the servo for 12-24hrs as the deliver process stirs up all the muck from the bottom of the underground tanks. Ask your favourite servo how old their tanks are.

    Keep your vehicle's tank as full as possible all the time. This makes the fuel pump(s) last longer and reduces chances of condensation. Diesels are worst for condensation as they return so much warm/hot fuel (all day running) to the tank that the fuel is very warm at the end of the day. I knew a bulk fuel serviceman who always filled the firm's machinery at the end of the day to avoid the amount of air in the tanks overnight. a new hotshot manager came to town and demanded that he refill them in the morning incase fuel got stolen from the machines overnight. within a month they started getting problems with water in the fuel like they never had before. then the hotshot manager got shamed up by the workers who knew best!

    But ... the end of the day is not the best value for money for refuelling from a servo as you get more fuel per dollar when the fuel is cold compared to at the end of the day (in hot regions) when the fuel is warm and expanded, so i'm told.

    ALWAYS get a receipt for your fuel. I copped a load of dud fuel when i was 18yo and heading off for a weekend of fun times but only got 300m up the road and the old bomb ran out of power thanks to a load of muck from a very busy suburban petrol station on a major highway. i had no rcpt and the jerks tried to fob me off as a scammer. Luckily my uncle knew the mechanics at that servo (back when service stations were service stations and not sugar/carbo overloading centres) and h e sorted the bastards out. but i lost my car for the weekend and the monday. I've always got a rcpt since then. same goes for takeaway food at highway servos - nothin worse than getting a few k's down the road and you open a bag of chips or food bar that are stale...

    Driving under-powered old cars a lot gives you a feel for subtle changes and I can guarantee running 98 in an old 4 cylinder gives it much more poke than lesser octanes. I have compared this in many different cars over the years and you can feel the difference, as much as i hate giving those careless, planet-destroying corporations an extra cent

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