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240 Daytime running lights/side lights - always on?

I presume the Aussie 240s don't have the always on side lights that the European versions have? At least the two 240s I have owned haven't - both late model 92/93s.

Was this feature deleted for the Aussie market or maybe just for the later model cars?

Has anyone here ever rewired their 240 to replicate the feature?



  • mine seem to always be on.. mines 89.

  • DJ240DJ240 @DJ240 Brisbane, QLD

    90 here, mine are always on.

  • On my 1989, DRL are present

    On all three of my 1990s, DRL are absent

  • Hmm, presumably they were deleted in 90-on cars over here for some reason...

    It'd like to reinstate them on mine - they're a bit of a trademark feature of the 240 🙂 Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has done this.

    I've read conflicting things about whether or not they use a 2-filament lamp - something like 21w for DRL but 5w for parking lights. Any ideas?

  • Yes that is correct

  • My 89 February has always on

    my 89 November did not

  • November 1989 (most anything after August) is the following year model so that would have been a 1990

  • Ah good to know

  • So presumably the pre-90 models have a different side light/indicator assembly with a dual filament holder? If so I'm on the lookout for a good pair if anyone had any knocking about...

  • The wiring will be different too because on DRL models the brighter 21w filaments are on with the headlight switch off and turning the switch to park turns on the 5w filaments, you will have to do some wiring work

  • I presumed that would be the case 🙂

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