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[SOLD] NSW 1999 S70 2.5T Automatic - ARD Blue Tuned 19T - Burnt Valve $1900 ono

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Sold this car to my cousin 2 years it has come back to me after 5 years of ownership. Was running rough and plugged in Vida identified cylinder three Misfire codes, upon further investigation from Wet compression test identified cylinder three having very low compression = 40 PSI.

WET test result: PSI

Cylinder 1: =150

Cylinder 2 = 200

Cylinder 3 = 40

Cylinder 4 = 150

Cylinder 5 = 175

Rego till 31/09/2020, 228K on the odometer. Still drive able but has obvious engine vibration when idling due to 1 cylinder not firing.

Lots of extras selling due to no too many cars on hand would love to sell it to Volvo enthusiast on this site haven't advertised elsewhere yet.


Snabb 3" intake charge pipe

ARD 19T billet housing and wheel (angled)

3" DP and 100 cells CAT

IPD ignition coils

350cc white injectors

Walbro 255 fuel pump


  • DBA X 320mm front rotors
  • XR5 Caliper brake conversion
  • DBA rear rotor replaced two years ago
  • Front performance pads replaced 4 months ago


ARD Blue Tune 19 psi for over 5 years no issues


17X7 Propus

X 4 Falken FK10 high performance tyres 215/45/17 rear tyres near new the two front require replacement now.


Bilstein HD strut and shocks,

IPD 30mm lowered springs


Radiator replaced with after market radiator six months ago


New battery replaced 7 months ago


Apline IVA-502E double din with hands free bluetooth and ipod connection

X 4 Kicker 100 RMS speaker

X 1 Alpine MRAD-550 Amp with DTS/DD and pro logic 2 support

X 1 10" sub and amp


  • Genuine Philips HID main headlight ballast
  • - LED odometer bulbs


-Tints all around

  • poly upper engine mount

What else you should know:

  • Paint fade in rear bumper and rear left passenger door (refer to photos)
  • Front passenger door doesn't lock
  • Front left Strut mount plate needs to be replaced
  • Rear sway bar needs to be replaced, custom experiment with thicker hollow tube didn't work out stock one thrown out in council clean up years ago
  • double din DVD/CD doesn't work
  • Map interior light doesn't work
  • Truck struts dead and needs replacement


Replacement dreaded white label ETM with vastly improved ETM from low km yellow label 2004 ETM

Happy to have chat if you have further enquires, best to give me a call, PM me for details.

$1,900 ono.


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