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240 Maccy the 1988 Volvo 245 GL

kahviaikakahvi @kahviaika Orange NSW
edited July 12 in RWD

G'day all! My name is Kyall and i'm a 17 year old teen that lives in Orange NSW that owns a good old 1988 245 GL! I've bought him back in November 19th 2019 for $600 with a blue slip no rego sight unseen by the help of my mates that lived near by the guy that i got it from, it needed a lot of work on him but the problem was that i lived 3 hours away from were it was sitting and it sat for 6 months until we got all the parts that we needed (we still need a bit more) so that he can run like a dream... kinda...

What he needed was a PCV flame trap, breather box, spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, radiator hoses and a oil flush (proberly need a couple more flushes)

What he needs right now before a 260KM trip back home with me is a wiper switch, heater hoses, wiring work for the radio and speakers (so me and my mates can play some ABBA and Depeche Mode on the tape deck) and a coolant reservoir (if you have any of them parts message me ^^)

I hope that Maccy can live a better life with me and have some good old fun down the road, thanks guys for being a sick site!



  • welcome brother! looks good

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


    I had a 78 245 with similar story.

    Eboy 500 buy, about 500 to ship from QLD to Melbz,into Berry Motor Group shop for maybe $3K in work as i was working in countryside and no time to do it myself. Heater core was most of expense as so hard to get to but it was middle of a cold wet winter .

    As it was early injected motor of course the WUR rubber part was toast but we didnt know till id run it for a few hundred Ks. Even then three shops had trouble finding the crack in it, only yhe third one,aftrr i shipped it back to Melbz , got it , huzzah to John Johnson at Voldat!

    Good first car dude!

  • SLT16SLT @SLT16 Gold Coast

    I've got heater hoses and heater cores in my storage, and i think i might have a coolant reservoir tank too.

    PM me.

  • @SLT16 it's all good, someone already messaged me about some parts, thanks anyways!

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