Volvo 140 clutch disk question

Hello all

I have a vehicle that it is no longer possible (non-Volvo) to get a clutch disk for.

I have been told that the Volvo 140 uses a 10 spline 1"/25.4mm disk that should fit.

I am wondering if anyone would have a disk they could measure for me please?

Even a worn out one is fine if no NOS ones around.




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    10 spline 25.8mm 215mm diameter according to this clutch Catalog.

    You can get custom clutches made relatively cheaply in Australia through clutch industries/xtreme.

  • Thanks for that, good lead.

    The issue I have is that the flywheel on this vehicle (don't know the terminology) where the clutch disk sits in a recess in the flywheel. There is an additional recess where the "hub" resides (ie. the part of the disk that holds the spring buffers).

    So the size of the hub of the disk is limited by the clearance inside the flywheel and what I need measuring. The outside diameter should be 215mm which is spot on for my use.

  • If you contact australian clutch they're usually pretty helpful and should be able to measure that for you and advise on any other options that may suit.

    What's it for out of interest? @paul0075

  • Paul/Tim


    I was wondering when I would get that question.

    See photo!

    Its a Kettenkrad!

    Supposedly it should take an Opel clutch plate from the Opel Olympia 3500 car pre-WW2. However, that disk is an 18 tooth whereas the Kettenkrad has a 10 tooth disk. We think the 10 tooth was from something else that never got documented. Confusingly, the part number in the parts book is correct for the 18 tooth disk, but no Kettenkrad has that type.

  • Wow what a wild machine I wouldn't have guessed that one!

    Are you in Australia? Quick google suggest one sold at Bonhams in March for $250,000aud?!?

  • Yes in Oz and no I paid nothing like that. There are a couple of extremely rich people floating around in England/Europe/America who are paying big money for anything that takes their fancy at the moment.

    One of them has 15 Kettenkrads!

  • Off to bed now.

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