Quad headlights for 740

im interested in how I go about quad headlights for the 740 yes I know they didnt come on the Australian models etc just wondering if theres a place that supplies a kit or if theres a cheaper way to do the swap, ive looked up some 4x6 lights before but still needed the housing to fit so any knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated.



  • I don't think you'll find much on that

    Try buying from USA

  • Hi pikey,

    Be very careful getting car lights from left hand drive countries where the light beam kicks up on the right side. In right hand drive countries the beam (usually H4 system) kicks up to the left providing better illumination to the gutter and parked cars etc.

    So what might you think? The left hand lights beam kicks up directly into the oncoming traffic. Not good.

    Next door had a Peugeot (local delivery) and replaced the head lamps with LHD ones after an accident. One night the cops pulled them over and told the neighbour not to use high beam in the suburbs. They got an on the spot ticket and were told to fix the headlights or the registration would be cancelled. The neighbour couldn't find RHD headlights in time so the otherwise very nice roadworthy car was scrapped. But I do think that the neighbour didn't have a clue how to search for spares locally.

  • DCW242Duncan @DCW242 - Western Victoria

    I'm getting a few sets shipped over soon, they are getting pretty rare and expensive though. Fixing the LHD beam pattern is easy, you just have to fit the light inserts for RHD, which you can easily get new from a new different brands. The housings the light inserts go into are adjustable so you can adjust them for RHD use.

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