XC90 Goodbye Volvo

kyrilkyril @kyril Bendigo Victoria

Well guys,

My current time owning a Volvo has come to an end. My XC90 V8 Sport was going to need some work done on the transmission and the Financial Controller declared no.

She has been traded and will show up on the wholesales somewhere. I loved the beast and for a 13 year old car had some of the best and still better most of the driving dynamics of cars of a similar nature.

You guys have been great with your knowledge and helped me get the most out of my time with the girl.

As such a couple of things for the car were left behind and am happy to move them on to anyone here.

The Cargo blind is up for grabs and I also have a VCXNano (includes CD with their version of Vida on it that works on windows 7 32 bit and doesn't require a virtual machine). I've never used it and it's new in the box


I'm in Bendigo and won't be posting the Cargo Blind!!! :)


  • kyrilkyril @kyril Bendigo Victoria

    Ended up getting a 2016 diesel outlander exceed. 80000 on the clock for $18000 changeover.

    Not the most exciting vehicle, but fitted all the criteria. I was trying to convince the other half to go a XC60 but she veteoed another Volvo.

    So far very happy with the Mitsubishi. If you can believe it the driver's seat and driving position is just as comfortable if not more so than the XC90.

    I'll miss the effortless nature of the petrol V8 and willingness to rev and get up and go when you wanted.

  • Something something phev is the better version

  • kyrilkyril @kyril Bendigo Victoria

    Lol ! I do 90 km round trip on the hwy for work daily so the diesel for me was a better option. Not much energy recovery there! But yes there was that consideration!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Sad ending but a reasonable outcome!

    What price the VCX Nano?

  • kyrilkyril @kyril Bendigo Victoria

    $50 bucks plus postage for the nano sound reasonable?

  • kyrilkyril @kyril Bendigo Victoria

    It's basically a dice unit. But run their own interface the vcx nano with the Vida software.

    They make many different types for different manufacturers

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