C30 Gutting a stock muffler

ab1Al @ab1 Melbourne
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Before I spend a grand on a decent catback exhaust I thought I'd try gutting the suitcase in the rear. I've pulled out the fibreglass packing and cut out the centre pipe but according to YouTube pros it didn't make much difference (although they rated a muffler delete despite the horrific drone...). Wondering if anyone can suggest any other mods to the internals that won't introduce drone but unlock more of the 5 cylinder note. I.e either remove some of the baffles or the perforated pipe


  • Remove all baffles, run it as a strait perforated pipe from end to end with packing around the pipe

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    What Mike said.

    PS: I5s always sound bad unless they’re full house SuperTourer spec.

  • ab1Al @ab1 Melbourne

    @Philia_Bear i think i saw this concept done on an 850 muffler. i suppose it'll work the same way. is it worth making the exit pipes straight cut or leave them pointing downwards?

  • Exit pipe angle should be strait out to minimize drone

  • ab1Al @ab1 Melbourne
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    Thoughts on leaving as is? Its going to be a while before I can get some perforated pipe since we're in lockdown now. Otherwise looking at removing one more centre baffle and sealing it back up

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