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GUE555 1988 240 wagon

edited June 2014 in RWD
I bought this car about 9 months ago. It was run of the mill volvo with an m46 and was running dual fuel and was very very slow.

mine-1.jpg (Im not 100 % sure this is my car as it came up when i google "volvo wagon", if not it is exactly the same as mine when i bought it.)

Drove to the other end of the state to pick up some virgos, lowered the suspension a little got some clear front lenses and install a bluetooth stereo and new speakers front and rear.

Sourced a b230ft


Installed it including the ezk (after finding out Chrysler ignition wasn't suited) and got a 3 inch exhaust made, mounted a thermo fan and got the car engineered so its all legal.


Future plans are speaker upgrade, locker, coilovers and if i can convince the wife some 18 inch polaris :)



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