P1 V50/S40 ECU relocation bracket

Is there anyone out there that's made their own relocation brackets after fitting a new induction kit?

The one i got for my Simota induction kit seems it was VERY specific to the Focus and not the Volvo, so works as well as a chocolate heat shield!

Ideally: someone has some rough dimensions of an elevate, or similar, bracket so i can knock one up while im working away, surrounded by welding equipment and spare material....




  • I have the elevate one, I can get some specs for you on the weekend

  • That would be f*%#ing awesome! I JUST ordered springs from them and realised they sold the bracket too, otherwise i'd have bought one and combined the shipping.

    Either way; i've got a bit of time on my hands to make one down here, so why not?!

    Much appreciated! 🤙

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