C30 Mystery Coolant leak T5

Well last week I decided to replace the coolant. Last owner was topping it up with tap water due to a heater hose leak at the firewall. Fixed that up weeks ago but with below freezing temps in Canberra, I couldnt risk water in the system freezing.

Anyway did by the book and idle it for a while with no leaks. Went to drive it the next day and now its leaking like a sieve. I cannot find the source of the leak and suspect the water pump. Its definately not the drain plug.

I cant work out why it should now leak after a coolant change. The only things I touched was the undertray, drain plug and filler cap.

I suppose I will cop it sweet if its the water pump. I was planning to do the t belt and pump in next month. I do hope its a hose coupling that I cant see.

Thanks in advance.



  • Fresh coolant can certainly cause a quick failure of a worn/old internal water pump seal.

    There is a weep hole on the underside of the water pump, if you remove the front timing cover it should be fairly obvious if it's coming out of that spot.

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