240 KL Racing turbo manifolds

Thinking of purchasing. Are they any good? I dont want to buy something from China via Sweden


  • For the price they are charging i'm quite sure its the chinabay one with the flange to the head welded on the correct way (not upside down)

    Your better off either building your own or putting the money into other parts of the build, EG... staying with a 90+ manifold and porting the eff out of it and using a ball bearing turbo will have better end results

  • I bought a fancy "extreme" KL Racing one back in 2016.. looked great.. but I did have to redrill/file the stud holes for the cylinder head flange head as they did not fit..alignment was wrong.. my impression was that they drilled the holes before welding the mani pipes and the plate then contracted post weld.

    Suspect might be same cost to get one done locally?

    ps- good to see the forum still going strong.. been out of the Volvo world few yrs now although might be tempted at some point..

  • Plazmaman Racing will be releasing a billet inlet manifold for the B230 by end of year if development stays on track.

  • ok, good to know

    I haven't had much joy in finding a 90 + manifold I am using a cheap ebay forward and up at the moment. I can see that it wont last long and it fouls the lower coolant hose. However i do like the positioning of the turbo. I have a couple of older log style manifolds but i can see that it is going to make it difficult to work on the turbo and manage heat in the engine bay. What is more my exhaust and pluming are no based o this configuration. Planning to purchase KL Racing's Volvo 240 8v Extreme Turbo Manifold.

    $600 AUD + Shipping

  • +1 on spending money elsewhere. Once you go custom there there lots of other things that will need fettling. Put and Ad up for a manifold, Im sure one will come up.

    You car though! Whats the plan for it?

  • edited September 17

    Like i say all the fettling has been done.

    My car has been in storage for a year. I almost lost my licence enjoying it.

    White '89 240 LH2.4 manual sedan. TD04hl-19T at 10 psi. 531 head and VX3 cam. Bilstiens all round, kings lowered springs , adjustable panhard, EL Ford front sway and 242 GT rear sway. Alfa 156 Momo front seats

    Next step is the T5 conversion so i don't ruin the M47. That box is being used for a manual conversion of my '91 240 GLE Wagon. I have a complete B230ET as well and plan to recondition and use the head 531, sodium valves A cam. Then take the boost to 15 psi and play.

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