XC70 ABS Module repair/replace/rebuild NSW

Hi, I've recently bought a 2006 XC70 2.5T and the ABS light has come on (ABS/Anti-Skid service required.) Had the codes done @ Volvo and an independent place and it's coming back with BCM-0070 Pump motor faulty signal. They say no issue with wheel sensors or steering sensor. Volvo has quoted me $4500 for a new module. Anyone got any ideas what else I can do? Is it worth taking their word for it re the other sensors or should I take the wheels off and have a look to be sure? Anyone else had a module repair with Injectronics in VIC through Repco? Would appreciate anyone else's experience with this. I've only had the car for a week and can't track down it's service history past 2018, so not sure if it's been looked at before.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Depending where you are the peeps on here can recommend a place.. As for Melbourne, Berry Motor Group will have a place that fixes them for sure.


  • iceton1975BUTCH @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    Just bought a 2006 for parts call us on 0398745544

  • I'm in Central West NSW. Near Orange/Bathurst/Canberra. Been calling around and got recommended the Vic place by a Volvo dealer in Sydney.

  • Give Doctor ABS a call .He is at 66 Gipps street Smithfield ,phone 0401405798 or check him out on the net.I have dealt with him and he is very good and affordable.

  • I have the same problem in the same car, I just clean ABS module connectors and problem gone.

  • Just resolving this for anyone with the same issues. I ended up taking it to my mechanic and he sent the ABS module and pump away to AFI Australia. It cost $800 for diagnostic/repair and freight (plus mechanics time for removal and reinstallation). It's been a month now and no more codes, everything seems to be working great and it was much cheaper than a new one through Volvo.

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