C30 2009 C30 T5 intermittent loss of power/ stuttering - ECM 280C code

Daughter's C30 with T5 engine coughed and spluttered yesterday on starting from a major intersection and then lost power completely. She managed to drive it home after a restart. I hooked up vida & dice and found ECM 280c code:

Code showing ECM 280C - Fuel Pressure Sensor signal too high

Usual fix for this on a T5 is to replace the fuel pressure sensor, so I did. Cleared the codes , took it for a brisk test drive and retested the codes and all clear.

Then an hour ago I get a call to say its happened again!

I will recheck codes when she drives it back to me.

But what else could this be throwing the ECM 280C code?


Fuel Filter?

Bad Fuel? - might be a coincidence but the night before she acciodentally left the car unlocked and someone broke into the car and took her service booklet , gps and clarinet and left a calling card in the form of a drinking glass on her dashboard. No vandalism but maybe they tipped something down the petrol tank as well. She did fill up at a daggy old petrol station in Parramatta that she'd never used before so that could be it as well. Always pays to use the same servo so at least you know where the fuel came from. Maybe I should drain the tank?

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