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S/V40 PCV Diaphragm Housing Cap Removal

Need some help. I need to replace the PCV diaphragm in the oil filter housing unit. Am attempting it insitu. How do I get PCV diaphragm housing cap off the old unit?

In all the videos I've watched the lip of the housing that contains the PCV diaphragm has a notch that you can push a screw driver or pry tool into to leverage the cap off. In my 2011 S40, there is no notch. Have been trying to get something between the lip and the cap to pry it off but am making a mess of it.

Any suggestions.

As mentioned, am trying to do this insitu. Can it be done, or do I have to take the whole oil filter housing off the engine to do it?



  • @timbo ?

    I've always pulled them off and just replaced entire units as I never wanted the warranty risk

  • Thanks Phil. As I said previously, prices of the housing with current exchange rates are not attractive.

    But all good now. I ended up making a notch in the lip and got the cap off.

    Thank you again.



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