140 Putting Humpty back together again

Hi all Its a 140-164 front end. Looked in the workshop manual and searched the internet for some pics etc...

Question 1 The upper control arm mounting bolts . The ones with the shims. Do they have spring washers or washers on the bolts?.None are on mine.

Question 2 The dust cover around the front brakes and the wheel bearing seal. From what i gather there is only one seal that goes behind the hub bearing. I cant help thinking that there was a felt seal that fitted into the dust cover that helped the bearing seal , or am l going mad .

Thanks and cheers


  • On my 1974, no spring washers and no felt seal. I think maybe the earlier ones might have had a felt seal. Mine has done a lot of hard miles in dirt and never thrown a front wheel bearing (fingers crossed) so the system works.

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    Early 140's (1960's etc) had a felt seal at front of block at crank, they were machined out to take a cup seal.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Someone on here will have Volvo Green Book on this model and can show the diagram.

  • What year? I’ve got a couple of green books.

    FYI, on the rally car, I double nut the upper control arm bolts for security. From memory, I needed to use longer bolts. But then, everything vibrates loose on a rally car if you don’t take precautions.

  • Ok, in the green book I can confirm that the sketches of the upper wishbone bolts do not show any washers. My front end doesn't either.

    As for the wheel bearings, the repair kits I bought years ago had rubber seals.

  • Thank every one for your help, can now proceed with confidence.

    Cheers everyone


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