Jimbo's 855 T-5R Project

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Just thought I'd share my project with you lads :)

Started off 9 years ago as a bog standard 855 automatic with 300.000 k's on it did nothing with it for the 1st 4 years just run it as a daily drive, but then I thought I'd have a bash at making it a bit special, obviously 1st thing was a manual conversion, never done it before but being a qualified mechanic it's only nuts and bolts at the end of the day, so bought a scrap car for all the bits and mated them to a m59 I had lying around, with hindsight I should of sorted the engine at the same time but as always money and time are the issues, went though various stages of tuning 16T then 18T until a T35 garrett hybrid came up of my mates 940, obviously block needed forging so off it went to a local engine builder who bored it out to 81.4mm and fitted a set of kalmar union rods and melhe pistons, all was well until I took it to the drag strip where on its 1st run decided to chew the feek out of the m59 and blew a nice big hole in the case lol, fancied a change anyway as I found the gearing a bit long with the standard 4:00 final drive ratio so put a 4:45 final drive box in from a 2L and what a difference so much more fun to drive only problem it's now basically 1 wheel drive a problem which I will address when I can afford a quaife or gripper diff. It's taken me nearly 5 years to get to this stage and enjoyed every minute of it apart from the many times I've want to burn the bitch lol.Full thread is here http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?26067-Project-Manual hope the mods don't mind me posting the link?, 54 pages of mostly crap banter but ok for a browse if your bored at work :)

List of the mods

Forged block
81.4mm melhe pistons
3" bsr downpipe
Miltek cat back
De cat
18" pegs
Adjustable koni all round
Ebiach rear springs Apex fronts
Manual conversion with low range box
THS intercooler
Custom hard piping
3" throttle body
TurboTuner ecu live mapped
Aem digital boost and afr gauges
4" inlet cone filter
Porky 993 brakes
360bhp) / 555nm












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