C30 Wobble Problem - 2008 C30

Hi all

Recently purchased my 2008 C30 LE. Has 106,000kms on the clock with a good service history.

The car is great, though I am planning on refreshing a lot of suspension parts. It's recently had brand new front lower control arms installed as the original ones were knackered. The shocks and struts are also a little tired, but nothing terrible as of yet. All the brake pads and discs are also poor quality (and slightly warped) from a previous owner, so they will be updated to better parts, despite having a lot of life left.

Currently, it has has two different wobbles.

1 - Once over 80kph, the car has a wobble that comes through the seats and not through the steering wheel, which is what first drew my attention to the front lower control arms. The wobble is similar to the one I feel when I press the brakes, though I am unsure whether they are related.

2 - When I am completely stopped, I get a slight wobble, similar to the one above through the seats, however it gets worse when I am in Neutral of Park, it subsides when I am in Drive or Reverse. The engine runs smoothly, so I suspect a mount somewhere. It's quite odd to have it more present in N or P, however.

The car is going in for a thorough suspension and brake check on Tuesday next week, through a place in North Melbourne (not Pedders).

I'm curious if anyone has had any issues similar to this with the P1 platform cars.



  • Engine or trans mount from the sound of it

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    There's a Volvo guy in Essendon with the knowledge, take it there . @iceton can point you there.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

  • So I was having a quick look before at the top engine mount. It’s quite soft in the middle, and moves a reasonable amount in between 1000-2000rpm.

    From reading others threads, this may be one of the problem parts, I think.

  • Also check the lower rear torque mount

  • Is that one underneath the car? If so, I’ll have to get the guys to check it out on Tuesday, as I can’t raise the car at my place.

  • The drivers side motor mount is the same one in use in 1st gen Mazda 3s an they're well known to fail, it's fluid filled so if there's any oozing underneath you know it's buggered. There shouldn't be ANY fractures in the rubber at all, in my case my finger went straight through it so it was obvious. The rear torque mount and the passenger mount are solid rubber and usually last a good while, my car has 225,000kms on it and those two mounts are fine, however it's on it's third drivers side mount. In my case the car had insane NVH that was nearly unbearable at idle as it resonated throughout the cabin but at certain RPMs it was less noticeable. Once it was replaced it didn't feel like the same car, the engine was much smoother with no more bone chattering vibration at idle.

  • Thanks Nutmeg. I shall try and investigate the mount. It's hard not having access to a lift like a used to, but friends have some space I can utilise.

    I'm appreciating all the wisdom on this forum.

  • So the check is done. I can't recommend Trutrack in North Melbourne enough.

    Seems that everything, including the engine mounts, is tired but not in dire need of replacement.

    Plan from here is to get the lower torque mount, plus new struts, shocks and links to give the whole thing a refresh.

    Thinking iPd for the lower torque mount and front links, as their upgraded parts looks substantially better then the OE part. A set of Bilsteins will replace the originals.

  • 240240 @240 Canberra
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    I have been advised not to use the IPD torque mount as it is made of poly and may crack over time.

    Best upgrade is the Mondeo mount which is Ford # CM5Z 6068 A. You can get it online for less than the Ford dealer.

    The other mount under the coolant bottle is about $150 from Ford and is identical to the Volvo one.

  • Handy information to have. Thanks!

    Awesome work with the part number; that will make life a hell of a easier. I appreciate it.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I was going to say no to IPD too, the top torque mount is good but .

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