850 Skandix stopped sending to Australia

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My son placed a $600 order with Skandix last night. Refunded it overnight with apology saying they cant send to Australia any more! The only ones that had decent shipping system. Where to order now? FCP Euro?

I import drive belts from the states as a sideline and ran low on some stock - got in touch with my New York supplier and he said his last shipment to Australia had been sitting in a warehouse at JFK Airport waiting for a cargo plane for 5 weeks ; he said so are you sure you still want to place an order?

Seems more things are running out here. Hoarders have turned their attention from toilet paper to household batteries. At my nearby Bunnings stores they have sold out of the cheaper bulk packs of Varta AAA & AA batteries. All I can get now is Everready 4 packs at the same price Varta does for a 4 pack. I wonder how many other essentials are getting thin on the ground.


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