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140/240/740+ various relays and switches PM for price. Will post or pick up Daylesford VIC

carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

Too many to list obviously. I want to save some of the rarer rocker switches for my own future (?) projects, but happy to sell redundant and/or more common ones. Relays same - I have heaps. PM if interested. Common relays $10+post. Common switches $10+post. PM for pricing on the rarer ones.

Switches - early (first pic) and late (2nd pic)

A/C delay, fuel pump, overdrive (auto) and indicator relays:

Intermittent wiper relays, 740 seat heater relays:

Misc & general purpose relays:

Misc. rotary switches and knobs:

Misc window switches, door jamb/boot switches, brake light switches etc:

Ignition switches, voltage regulators, bulb failure sensors, headlight step relays:

Misc FI and turbo senders/pressure switches etc.



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