XC60 Fill plug on T6 Gearbox

Anygone have a solution for removing the Torx socket plug which is obviously corroded into the gearbox housing. Prior to rounding of the socket with a 3/8 drive Torx bit I am attempting to source a solution other than the known Mechanical Fitter trick of hammering the plug using a suitable sized punch and large hammer.

Appreciate any advice.


  • They're tight! You need a decent sized breaker bar or ratchet and you will get it undone depending on quality of your torx bits.

    Have you got an impact screw driver?

  • Thanks for the reply TIM. I do possess an impact screw driver, not sure if access will allow me to use it. Will have a crack at doing a gear box oil change tomorrow.

  • I've got a not cheap 1/2" impact rated socket head torx for the 6 speed boxes, it and a good 1/2" rattle gun with a long extension have never failed

    the rattle gun is just better than the breaker bar as you can put a lot of downwards force into the plug to make sure the torx bit does not rise up and slip

  • This isn't America!!! Rattle guns are not for drain or fill plugs!!!!

  • I don't know about your rattle guns but mine has power settings and I can run it at settings below 10.... but then the fact that it does go to 11 makes it better than any other rattle gun around

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