XC70 Intermittent dash displays - SRS Airbag warning - VIDA VICE reset

alcraigAl @alcraig Sydney, Australia
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2001 XC70

For no obvious reason, all of the displays on my dash stopped working (speedo, tach, temp and fuel) As well, all of the lights went out. Every thing on the centre console continued to function normally. Several minutes later, everything came good. This cycle of off/on has occurred several time in the last 3 trips in the car.

As a result of this DIM failure, I am now getting a warning message about the SRS airbag needing immediate service.

Is there anybody in Sydney (esp northern beaches) with a VIDA-VICE that would allow me to clear the code?


  • Blacktown if your up for the drive?

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Sydney, Australia

    Can you email me at blackinc@presto.net.au so we can arrange a convenient time?

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    i wouldnt worry about the SRS code, but your DIM is dying. would be worth looking for a replacement but again it can wait, car will still run. I have a spare dim but the part numbers dont match so it needs programming. you really need the numbers to match, i have another on order but its stuck in Lithuania.

    oh if your handy with a solder, check the voltage regulator its attached to a heatsink. it gets hot and cuts power.

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Sydney, Australia


    I just spent the afternoon removing the DIM. Tried a little electronic cleaner on the multi-pin and the trip re-set switch and gave every other connection a wiggle. Put it back together and things are even worse. What is the part number of the DIM you can't use? I'll have to take mine apart again to get to that number, but if they match up, would you be willing to sell?

  • sorry, i have received my spare matching DIM but am yet to test it, i think i will hold onto the unmatching DIM as a second spare. Have you tried re soldering some of the heatsink joints? or can yo take it to someone that does electronics repairs?

  • alcraigAl @alcraig Sydney, Australia
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    Re-soldering surface mount PC boards is fraught with danger, but I might try it as a last resort. Where is this voltage regulator that you speak of located? For now, I'll keep looking for a wreck and check with Volvo for new. Where did you get yours from?

  • just re-solder the larger joints, avoid the IC's. I got my matching replacement from Lithuania on ebay

  • The voltage reg looks like this, it will be attached to a small aluminuim heatsink. I think this is potentially the cause of power issues

  • Also replace those incan bulbs for LEDs, much less heat. Note: dont get pure white Leds they look awful get warm white (diffused)

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