Solutions for 240 Series Problems--ATC Style Fuse Panel, High Voltage Headlight Harnesses, More

Wagonmeister offers new, maintenance parts to help us keep our 240s on the road, and innovative solutions to upgrade systems for better performance. You can find our full list of items on the site at

We are located about 70 miles north of Los Angeles. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand will be via USPS Priority, or Express International. Please feel free to contact us via the website for details or quotes, or via DM through this site. There's a Facebook page too, as well as an Instagram page under my name, David Samuels.

Our latest addition, the ATC Fuse Panel. Fits all 16 fuse 240s. Will fit the earlier cars with a change of the kick panel. $105 US, introductory price, plus shipping, through the end of April (sorry for late notice here). Includes fuses.

High voltage switching harnesses. Eliminate melted relays in your dashboard and get full voltage to your lights. We have harnesses that will work for "Euro", E-code lamps as well as multi-element headlights. Message for details! $179 US plus shipping.

Heater valve replacement kit: Works for "AC" style heater boxes only. $135 US plus shipping. We offer a retro fit hose to adapt our valve to the later, disc style valves on the firewall.

Snow caps, both late style and early (early are for left hand drive wipers), speaker cover adapter plates for 79-89 models, a full selection of LEDs for most positions in the cars, much more!

ATC style, upgrade fuse panel


High Voltage "E-Code" Switching Harness for single H-4 each side


Replacement heater valve kit, with retrofit hose for disc style valves

Wagonmeister has been servicing 240s and the larger Volvo community with parts, service, refurbishing and full restoration for over fifteen years. All of our parts are not only sold internationally, but installed regularly here at our facility in Quartz Hill, California. Proven solutions, backed by excellent customer service.

Wagonmeister laser cut 240 key rings too...

Thanks for the space and time!



  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    The fuse panel looks like a great way to eliminate the old ceramic fuses.

    It looks 3D printed, how do they fair with heat?

    The headlight looms, do they piggyback off the original headlight loom for switching & have their own 12V hookup to the battery?

    Had an eye on your stuff for a long while now, really nice stuff!

  • Thanks, Julian.

    Fuse panel is not 3d. Very nice part it is! Installed the first one in my wagon, which has half a dozen extra circuits plumbed through it. Been in there for two months, no problems, and no gymnastics to twirl fuses while one is driving (which would REALLY be a feat with RHD!). Have already installed five here at the shop for customers. Wonderful upgrade.

    Headlight harnesses have two fuse holders, one for low and one for high beam (where applicable) with separate relays and supply lines. Depending on the car, I'll get a BIG female spade lug and grab one of the "end" terminals in the junction box for both leads. I have had people tell me they go right to the battery, using the fuel pump attachment point on the positive cable. No question you can't get more direct than that. The harnesses use the original, left headlight plug (single or low beam) to control switching. I say "where applicable" on the high/low, because we've already made at least half a dozen custom kits for single rounds/squares and a couple of really wild LED setups too.

    Please feel free to e-mail me directly from the website if need be.

    Thanks again,


  • I've done that headlight bypass too in my 164 and 740, and it does make a difference even after replacing the bulbs with better quality ones.

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