S/V40 PCV diaphragm or kit or entire body

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Hi All.

2011 S40 T5 (166,000km) has been squeeling for the last month or so after she warms up a it. Mechanic friend pulled off the oil filler cap, which had a lot of suction, and the squeeling stopped. We think it is the PCV system.

What would you recommend.

1. PCV diaphragm (IPD)

2. PCV diaphragm repair kit (FCP Euro)

3. Oil filter housing. (FCP Euro; IPD)

Would just changing 1. be sufficient, or should I go further.

Trying to do this job myself and save some money.




  • 100% pcv issue.

    The diaphragm repair kit will sort it out

  • Thanks Tim.

  • Should be able to fit the valve whilst leaving the housing attached to the car. If you do remove it you may want to have a spare gasket on hand

  • Because of how cheap the housing is, I generally replace the entire housing as I have run into a few of the cracked castings

    I then rebuild the old unit and sell it for 80% of what the new unit cost

  • Thanks @timbo

    Even though they're selling the repair kit, FCP Euro reccomend replacement of the entire housing due to internal clogging and carbon build up within the oil filter housing.

    Would you do this?

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    Thanks for this @Philia_Bear . Just posted my last question then saw your reply. How cheap is cheap?

    Volvo want about $418 inc GST. FCP Euro want about AUD$330.

    The PCV diaphragm repair kit works out about AUD$67 plus shipping from FCP Euro.

  • You can clean them out sufficiently if they are clogged, but they have to be pretty neglected and I recall your car having low kms. They're never that dirty if they have been serviced on time.

  • OK. Thanks.

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    [edit - created a new thread] Need some help. Diaphragm arrived. But how do I get cover off the old unit?

    In all the videos I've watched the lip of the housing that contains the PCV diaphragm has a notch that you can push a screw driver or pry tool into to leverage the cap off. In my 2011 S40, there is no notch. Have been trying to get something between the lip and the cap to pry it off but am making a mess of it.

    Any suggestions.

    Am trying to do this insitu. Can it be done, or do I have to take the whole oil filter housing off the engine to do it?


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