C30 Fuel Pressure Sensor

Hi all,

My FPS is on the way out and I have a new one on order from FCP Euro.

In hindsight I should of just ordered a new one when I got the car 3 weeks ago. The last owner had it listed as an issue. I just got caught up in other issues that I attended to, in order to facilitate rego transfer. My bad.

Anyway is there any chance that any of the good peopkle here have a FPS that they would be willing to sell/lend to tide me over till mine arrives? Its a long shot I know. Car runs fine 99.9 % of the time with an occassional hesitation on acceleration. Have the CEL staring at me and a "service urgent" message. So caant risk driving as it may just suddenly die and leave me stranded.

Located ACT.




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