140 Alternator Wiring 164e



  • Hi!

    Assume power is getting to the fuel pump with this reading?

    Many thanks as always!

  • 9V will burn a pump out very quickly, let alone cook the wiring. Corroded joints will do that. Check at the fuel pump relay. Id the relay has 12V then it could be one of the 2 connectors in between the two ends. If the relay doesn't have 12V then give fuse #1 a good few rotation then check the big condition of the big terminal block near the battery.

  • jrcJohn C @jrc Lindfield NSW

    Happened to see this I have an old Haynes 164 manual ie the book here in Lindfield if you would like it

  • Hi there John,

    I have recently bought a volvo 164 oweners workshop manual by Hayes online to help me with the 164. It should be arriving this l week.

    Thank you for the offer though, much appreciated.

    Hoping to get out there and have another crack this afternoon!

  • jrcJohn C @jrc Lindfield NSW

    Good luck

    the 164 e probably had the most advanced electrics / electronics of any 1974 Volvo but just work along from the basics. If your alternator and your voltage regulator are ok then proceed with a fault finder there are heaps of good hints in this thread

  • Thanks, yes I'm trying to educate myself and all the advice on here is helping no end.

    Just taken a reading on the the relay as the below picture.

  • A hint: there should be 12V all the way through. Old terminals/contacts invariably have corrosion and therefor have resistance. Such is the luxury of a 46 year old car.

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