2007 XC70 - Canberra repairable write-off $3k

So the simple story is that it is on the WOVR as a repairable but the rego guys here are busting my chops for minor damage and want a heap of paperwork to say that it really was only the rear bumper that was damaged.

I am in the hole for $3k so far for the car so ideally would like to get my money back if I could. I am still working a couple of options to see if I can get it over the line but I am at risk of throwing good money after bad at this point.

The car itself it a one owner before me Canberra car with a full service history and 140k on the clock. It is September 2007 build so really late in the run.

It has two new tyres fitted for the rego inspection and the other two are around 80% at least.

Just fitted a towbar and roof racks.

I would drive this thing from one side of the country to the other without hesitation. The only issue that I have found is that there is a Haldex error that I have not bothered to investigate as I was waiting to get the rego sorted first.

If I can't save it then the next best option would be for it to donate all the good bits onto another tired XC70. I have contemplated buying another shell to swap the stuff over onto but trying to find a late model shell is going to be tricky and I just don't have the time to do it at the moment.


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    In Victoria the roads authority send you to a particular vehicle tester who send you to a panel shop that really only measures and gets slight repairs and adjustments done then back to the guy who clears it and gives a RWC. So it's been forensic tested to appease the WOVR bunkum and is now kosher. Why don't they have that there? Or is it cos NSW car? In victoria they basically tell you no if you bring any car from NSW! They know the damages. I think it's going to change to nothing gets fixed at all.....

  • @Ex850R this one is an ACT car. Has to be registered in ACT to clear the register. I have a couple of options to explore but there is another$5-600 to spend at least on-top on today's $600 inspection fee. The issue is insurance companies talking up the damage. The listing says heavy front damage an there is only a small nick in the front bumper. It is no longer a bargain to be sure but if I can get it on road for under $4,500 then it is probably not to bad.

    Just frustrating, they guy at the motor registry was good about it. He has to inspect against the insurance assessment report regardless of what the car looks like. I just need more evidence. The question is what will it cost....

  • @jonbot

    Is the xc70 still at yours or long since turned to tin cans?

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Surely the fact that they cannot see/find the front damage is ample proof that it has been fixed?

    The WOVR scheme is an insurance industry scam with government blessing.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    It sure is, with only two accredited shops in Melbourne (that I know of) and then the bullshit measuring and fixing the shop you have to take it to does it's expensive and they have you over a barrel.

  • There's more shops than that, but TBH the bigger issue is that the scheme isn't really stopping poorly repaired cars getting back on the road for a number of reasons. Don't be surprised if Victoria moves to the NSW model with vehicles either stat write offs or not written off at all.

  • @Spac the critical point here is nothing has been fixed because despite the insurance report indicating that it was rooted there was no significant damage. I have the required information on rear alignment and repair procedures from ViDA and it is booked in again 9 May which is the next available slot. I just need to build an evidence pack and find an insurance certified repairer to sign off on the paper work. Should be a breeze.....not

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Yeah... I was trying to point out the stupidity of the system. If they can't find any sign of the damage, then either the damage was never there, or it has been fixed very well. Either way, seems obvious that there's not a problem.

    Our stat write off MX5 has "heavy damage" to the LHF guard. Or, as it is known in reality, a dent the size of a 50c coin.

  • So bit of an update to this. I managed to pull a few strings and got it into a panel shop. It is all repaired and report has been written. Total cost was $800 so now it is just a case of waiting for the re-inspection.

  • Yep, at the end of the day it is still a cheapish car for what it is. I was kind of committed in the current environment as I was never going to be able to sell the thing as it was and I still needed a second car.

    Once the Stage 0 is done we can talk about exhausts...

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