740 & 760 740 AW71. Which diff does it have?

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Hi all,

I was just considering swapping my AW70L for a AW71 non L. I currently get maybe 2.5 - 2.6k rpm on the highway at 110 with the 3.73 diff. If i was to switch to the AW71 and keep my current diff what rpm would i be looking at? I'm a bit stingy on fuel and its just nicer to get low rpm while travelling on the highway.


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    The gear ratios are the same for AW70 & AW71.

    If you change to a non lock up torque converter transmission, your rpm on the highway will go up about 150 and it will be slipping since there is no lock up, so your fuel consumption will be slightly more

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    Are there obvious advantages to swap to a 71? My 70L has 140k km and I just flushed it with 16l of synthetic atf. Apparantely the 71 has smoother shifts and is better overall? But this is an Na engine so it should make that big of a difference

  • Leave the original AW70 in there. It was good enough for Volvo to choose and run in roughly 2 million 240's for about 15 years worldwide

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