XC90 XC90 d5 2008

Hi, New to this but any help would be gratefully received. Purchased XC 90 D5 2008. Had a blown turbo hose, replaced ran fine on a trip for 2 and half hours. On the return trip it started to play up would not rev hestitating, jerking and then blew turbo pipe off again. Only codes are for overboost and under boost. It is driving me crazy. If it were the turbo it would do it all the time. I am thinking turbo actuator. Please help. Awesome car but these niggly little things drive me crazy. Thanks


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Are you reading codes with VIDA?

  • No with elm327- Android Phone.As I said all new to this car. I worked out that it runs fine and then all of a sudden it goes crazy. Everything points to the turbo actuator. Trying to source one in Australia is near impossible. When its going its a fantastic car. Cant believe you an drive for over 2 hours and then its a crazy car

  • You need access to vida/dice, before trying to replace the actuator.

    The turbo actuator is controlled by the ecu, you can test and calibrate it with vida, it's generally only available as a complete turbo assembly. It's relatively uncommon for them to play up.

    If the orange seals are oily, and the mounts are broken on you turbo pipe, it will keep blowing off.

    You could have a sticking EGR valve

  • Good news, It was the Turbo Actuator all along, so dont go and spend buckets of cash on a new turbo when in my case the Actuator was really the problem.,When you read the Euro posts this is common. So for a $172 my problem is solved. Regards


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