740 & 760 740GL Transmission Cooler

SLT16SLT (@SLT16) Gold Coast
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Hi all,

I want to install a transmission cooler for my AW70L. Is there any specific cooler i should get that fits? I don't really believe in those 'universal' transmission coolers. Do they really fit? They go for under $100 on ebay, but how do they hold up? Its common place to have 30 degree weather on the Gold Coast nearly all year, so i need a cooler to tow a light trailer and just to keep the tranny cool to prolong its life.

Please let me know.



  • Look for one off a turbo, they should bolt straight in.

  • SLT16SLT (@SLT16) Gold Coast

    I thought of that but couldn't find any. Would you know someone with one?

  • Put a listing on the wanted section asking for an auto trans cooler for a 740 turbo. Should not take long to find one. Also try your local Volvo mechanic, share you location and there will be many here to point you to a local Volvo mechanic.

  • SLT16SLT (@SLT16) Gold Coast

    Yeah, posted in the wanted section.

    Unfortunately there aren't many Volvo mechanics on the Gold Coast - only 1. The other alternative is the dealer.

    He is a good mechanic and has been familiar with my particular car for 20 years but hes not got any spares. I have never seen a single 740 on the gold coast. 240s are quite common but never a 740,so it makes parts quite hard to find.

  • So then in this case it pays to purchase an aftermarket cooler. B&M make a good quality unit

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