850 850 t5 estate rwd conversion

Hey guys just wondering if anyone would know how i would go about doing a rwd conversion on a t5 850 estate

any help would be much appreciated


    1. Remove seats
    2. Remove dash
    3. Fabricate new mounting points for seats and dash so they orientate in the other direction
    4. Figure out new steering and Accel/brake controls (this should be self explanatory)
    5. Engage reverse

    Don't forget about proper engineering and rego requirements. People usually don't bother with this step but it's important you do things properly.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Get a V90 wagon.

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Not wanting to be a dick, but this is one of those “if you have to ask, then it is beyond your capabilities” things.

    There’s photo builds of a few P2 V70 RWD conversions in Sweden, if you want an idea of what is involved. Make sure you ask yourself the hard questions before you start cutting - I have lost track of the number of cars I have seen where the power of optimism has fallen well short of the skills needed to complete the project. And then a hitherto decent old car goes to the scrapper...

    I know that I am sounding negative, but there’s lots of stuff online and in print that make these things sound so easy, but reality is FAR more difficult. Some bloke with 35 years of fabrication experience says “we just cut the floor out and welded a new one in” as though it was an afternoon’s work, totally ignoring the five times they’d done it before, the help from the engineer mate who has been building race car suspensions for years, thwt they had all the parts sitting down the back, and that it still took four people three months of work before it was finished...

    Honestly, I cannot imagine a time when this is a better idea than doing an I5 conversion on a 940. Or just buying a Commodore wagon.

  • ive had commy wagons already i just got a 850 se estate but i was looking if their was an semmi simple option to make it rwd or awd

    is it difficult to reposition the the l5 in a 940 or ? Could please explaine alittle more on that

  • What's wrong with having a standard 4 piston (turbo or not) in a 940? It's already rear wheel drive.

    You could also buy a 960 wagon if you want a 6.

    What are your goals?

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The conversion of the 850 isn't out of the question as AWD versions are available in small numbers (V70 awd is same vehicle,just has better interior and different front bolt on panels,lights etc) @Rob on here made a C70t5 into awd from original Cross Country v70 awd although had axle angle issues that require the parts from a regular AWD model.

    Even that is some unstitching of metal and reinstalled into rear end of the fwd car , the engineering implications etc.

    Better off with an AWD to start with wether 850 , early Cross Country up to 1998 or V70R up to 98, 99 If you convert to manual.

    Manual is best sources from s/v40 T5 AWD As then you get a 6sp box of WAY better ratios.

    A proper LSD is available for the fwd too.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    In fact, the T5 Is getting to be rare,sell it and buy an AWD.

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    The main thing is that the 850 has an east-west motor, whereas the practical front-engined RWD set ups are north-south.

    This means (at a minimum) that you will have to cut out the firewall, transmission tunnel and replace them with something suitable, along with making new mounts and everything that goes with it.

    As Snoopy said, an AWD rear end can be grafted in which is a reasonably sized task in itself.

    The Whiteblock conversion into a factory RWD Volvo is well documented. Very short version of that story is that you can use 960/S90 parts - particularly the sump and gearbox.

    The sump obviously needs to be cut down for the I4 and I5 motors.

    There is only a tiny handful of manual RWD manuals in Australia, so you won’t find one at a wrecking yard. The 960 auto box can be used, or there are other ways to adapt a manual RWD box.

    Should be plenty of pointers to help you search there.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    But note,the AWD rear end is only part time and has viscous coupling, you would need to graft a decent diff and associated parts to suit into the alloy independent suspension subframe. It is a way better set up than the fwd back end in any case.

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    edited March 5

    Oh hey you asked me about this on Facebook last night. Yeah I think as @Spac pointed out, it's a big job to a true North-South RWD setup. You have enough trans tunnel for a propshaft but you'd have to get an adapter plate and slap a T56 or something on it and then cut out the firewall for the gearbox. Much fabrication. Not to mention binning the subframe for a cross-member. If you sacrificed the AC box you'd probably be able to retain the rest of the stock dash, you'd probably need a remote shifter to get it in a stock-ish location, then you'd need to I think bin the suspension and install something suited for RWD.

    If you're looking for a big project, it is one. It would be interesting to see if you could take the whole suspension from something like an E36 and slap it onto the 850s frame.

    Even AWD 850s aren't the cool 50/50 Subaru kind, they're 70/30 FWD.

    If you are a good fabricator it's a sick project though, I've always dreamed of an RWD 850

  • CanoeCanoe (@Canoe) Sydney,NSW.

    Ive always wanted to make a 240 wagon an AWD.

  • Jack it up and put Subaru WRX or something crazy like that.

  • CanoeCanoe (@Canoe) Sydney,NSW.

    Holden made a AWD wagon, that might work. Just a dream...lol.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Theres a 240 wagon with a International Scout Traveller chassis and running gear under it so could be 345CI V8 .

  • The 240 of subaru 4wds

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