Team Raebird Empire Mysterybox Car

RaebirdRaebird @Raebird Collingwood Park, Qld.

So the story goes @14JEZ & I participated in the Mysterybox Rally (Not actual rallying) in 2019, in his 240 wagon “Ron”. My wife was pissed at me because she wanted to do it with me, Jared and I had an unforgettable time so I decided to participate in this years Mysterybox with her. Put the feelers out for a Volvo on Facebook and was offered a couple of excellent candidates, but one in particular took my fancy, a 1986 740 Turbo Sedan! Went and looked at it, agreed on a price and picked it up the following weekend. Plans are make it start and run, make it reliable, then lift the suspension & fit some all terrain tyres!

Got it home & have it a wash (scrubs up alright!).

Put some fuel in it and got it running, replaced an in tank fuel pump (no photos cause I’m good like that).

Bought a pair of XJ Jeep front springs to raise the rear and skipped the “make it reliable“ step, went straight to completing the lift :facepalm:.

Now I need to buy some 235/75R15 all terrains to complete the lift and circle back to that reliability step.

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  • DCW242Duncan @DCW242 - Western Victoria

    Nice, looks like an early 86 with the Garrett turbo. Let me know if you need any parts, I've wrecked a few. Can you let me know if there's any black interior parts you won't be needing? I'm after a few things for mine.

  • RaebirdRaebird @Raebird Collingwood Park, Qld.

    That is correct, it has the Garrett turbo.

    Pretty much the whole interior will stay put, the Mysterybox Rally is more of an endurance event (Roadtrip) so would like it to be as comfortable as possible.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Nice! Look forward to following progress on this one! :)

  • Make sure you have the transmission rebuilt, it won’t last too long in those conditions and with the extra weight and load you’re subjecting the vehicle to

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